Famous Business Masons

Many men throughout history have been members of our fraternity.

In these pages we will present you with them and try to impress upon you the great men that have been Masons.

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Members on this page are Businessmen

Leaders of Industry, Founders of Corporations and Inventors

During the Industrial Revolution, a captain of industry was a business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way. This may have been through increased productivity, expansion of markets, providing more jobs, or acts of philanthropy.

Photo of Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt

Founder Colts Firearms
Birthday: July 19, 1814 Deceased: January 10, 1862


God made man, Sam Colt made them Equal? He was an American inventor and industrialist from Hartford, Connecticut. He founded Colt?s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company (today, Colt?s Manufacturing Company), and made the mass production of the revolver commercially viable.